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How To Actually Get Reviews On Amazon In 2020

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

White Hat Methods You Need To Know

Just like word-of-mouth recommendations, having positive reviews is one of the most effective marketing tools. But since October 2016, when Amazon updated its guidelines to prohibit incentivized reviews, getting product reviews has become one of the biggest challenges Amazon sellers face.

So how do you get reviews while sticking to Amazon’s TOS? Well, the truth is, there are a number of effective white hat techniques. In this article, we’ve explained these effective ways to correctly get reviews. Let’s begin.

Have a pre-launch strategy

Unbeknownst to some sellers, optimizing for reviews begins way before your product sees the light of day. Here are the steps you can take during your pre-launch to prepare your product:

  1. Create a community around your product’s niche. You can easily do this on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

  2. Depending on your product category, begin offering your target audience some valuable resources like informative ebooks, creative solutions, or catchy entertainment.

  3. Collect emails and other details from members of the community you’ve built.

  4. Once you’re about to launch your product, start talking about it. Create a buzz so that your audience begins anticipating the launch of your amazing product.

  5. Launch.

With this strategy, you can, later on, ask for reviews after purchases via the emails you collected.

Provide an awesome customer experience

According to a Forbes article, 73% of consumers say that great customer experience highly influences their brand loyalty. This sets you up for more sales and consequently a higher chance of getting reviews.

So how do you offer great customer experience:

  • Optimize your listing. This not only increases your chances of ranking on Amazon but also appeals to customers. A well-optimized product listing can make your product stand out from competitors.

  • Sell an amazing product. When customers finally get your product, they should be happy with their purchase. That way, they are more inclined to leave a review and a good one at that.

  • Use unique packaging and include product inserts. These are great opportunities for offering memorable after-sales service. And remember to ask for a review in the insert.

Ask for reviews

Yes, you read that right, ask for reviews. And no, it’s not against Amazon’s TOS, so long as you comply with requirements, like not offering incentives in exchange, not asking for positive reviews, and not asking your friends and family.

So how can you ask for reviews?

  • Use the ‘Amazon Request A Review’ button. This is found on the Orders page. By clicking the button, you send a preset message by Amazon requesting the buyer to leave a request.

  • Enroll in Amazon Early Reviewer Program. For only $60, you can get your first 5 reviews.

  • Follow up on customers. Off Amazon, sellers can maintain communication with their customers either via email or on social media. This is also where the email list you created during your pre-launch comes in. Send messages showing appreciation for purchases made and politely ask for reviews.

Final Words

There you have it, our guide to getting Amazon reviews in 2020. As you implement these and remain consistent, you’ll soon begin reaping the rewards, in the form of reviews. All the best.

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