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One of the biggest hurdles for private label sellers starting their online business on Amazon is the very first step of figuring out what products to actually sell online. This phase of building your business is time consuming and challenging, but is the most crucial step to launching a profitable product that sells well.

After years of research, we have created our unique methodology which entails specific tactics, a set of criteria to find winning products and the best software tools that are available. We will also take into account your total budget for product investment, as well as any preference you might have in specific product categories.

Competitor and keyword analysis

Product validation

Niche research

Product reviews analysis

Paid advertising estimation cost

Buy box analysis

Our work starts with analyzing the marketplace in search of unsaturated niches where our clients can launch their product. Once we find a product opportunity in the marketplace we take a deeper look into the competition to find ways to distinguish your brand. To truly make your product stand from the rest, we will help you create a brand around it. Creating a brand will increase the value of your product and give you loyal customers who will keep returning for more.


Our goal in this phase is to provide you a comprehensive analysis of the niche and a specific product opportunity that will help you account for any natural fear and uncertainty in this process and make the right decision at the end.


Finding the right supplier to manufacture your product can make a great difference in your business. You need a supplier who is reliable, can manufacture high quality products and preferably have experience with Amazon businesses.


We can take over the product sourcing phase from A to Z; creating a product specs list, researching new suppliers, requesting for quotes, accumulating and comparing all the data, negotiating the terms of sale, arranging the order of samples, as well as the first stock order.

Product specifications 


Supplier research and


Shipping & logisitcs


preparation for Amazon FBA

Profitability analysis

Apart from the product sourcing, we can also help with gathering quotes from freight companies and guide you on the whole process of sending your inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers. Amazon FBA has specific rules and guidelines for each product category and by sending your inventory the correct way, you will avoid a lot of headaches and unpredictable costs. We leave nothing to chance.


A full profitability analysis will be prepared for you with a complete calculation of the landed cost of your product, total initial investment breakdown, as well as sales and profit projections. You will get the full picture of what to expect financially from your investment, before pulling the trigger and placing your first stock order.


One of the biggest changes we have seen with Amazon businesses over the past 6 years is the importance of building a brand. Approaching your business with a “Brand Mindset” is critical. This is far more beneficial than building around one product or even a number of unrelated products. Having customers who love your brand will mean every time you launch a new product they will be more likely to buy. Brand recognition means you can charge more for your products and loyal customers are also more likely to recommend your product to their friends, co-workers and family. By building a brand of high quality products there really is no limit to how far you can go. Now this entire branding process begins with one product.

Branding strategy

Logo design

Storefronts on Amazon

Packaging & label design

Product inserts

Brand registry

Our branding experts will craft an engaging, authentic and clear brand identity for your product including logos, typography, color palette, packaging and messaging. However, branding is more than that. We will dive even deeper into creating a differentiating story you tell the world that will show what is your mission and core values, what is your voice. We’ll make your brand stand out from the crowd while it conveys a clear message about your purpose.


Listing optimization is necessary to make your product stand out from the rest. It won't do you any good to have a good product if no one can find it. Knowing how to rank well on Amazon is half the battle. To make sure that your product will rank fast, we have designed a process that we follow before any launch. We cover every aspect, from an extensive competitor and keyword research to an attractive SEO product title, benefit-oriented bullet points, HTML product description and backend search terms. Our goal is to maximize organic sales and we make sure that your listing stays on the top while being 100% Amazon compliant.

Copywriting / SEO

Listing uploads

A+ / Enhanced Brand Content

Product photography


Photography guide

If your brand is registered on Amazon, then the first thing you need to take advantage of is the Enhanced Brand Content feature. This allows brand owners to showcase their products in a prominent way by using more images, creative sales copy, comparison charts and much more. According to Amazon, EBC can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively. Our EBC designer will help your listing to break through the clutter, catch the eye of potential buyers and convince them that your product stands out from the pack.


Photography is what sells the product on Amazon. Viewing photos is how customers touch and feel your product, how they view it from different angles, and how they see it in use. Your brand is represented by its photos, and this is how a shopper experiences what you want them to feel. Our photography team can create compelling listing photos to boost your conversions and show off your brand, including white background photos, infographic images, lifestyle photos, as well as product videos.


One of the key ingredients to your Amazon business success is organic sales. But in order to get those organic sales you must first rank high in the search results for the keywords that are most relevant to your product. This is where Amazon Advertising comes in and we know for sure that there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. The advertising strategy varies from client to client, depending on the goals, budget and competition.


Having a well thought out Amazon advertising strategy is one of our expertise. An optimized Amazon advertising strategy will help you avoid inefficient ad spend while accomplishing your goals. Our course of action starts with a comprehensive assessment of the current status of your listing in order to create a viable growth plan and agree on a result-oriented working time frame. We strongly suggest that before setting up the new PPC campaigns, we first make sure that the listing is fully optimized in order to maximize the effectiveness of our advertising efforts. If your listing is not fully optimized, we can definitely help you with that, please check our Listing Optimization services.

Sponsored products & brands

Amazon DSP

Video ads

Enable Promotion Coupons

Facebook ads

Participate in special programs like Amazon Vine Program

With our Amazon Advertising services you will have a dedicated PPC Manager that will set up your PPC campaigns, monitor them consistently and make adjustments using our own optimization & scaling methods and provide weekly reports for you.

Sponsored brand video is a relatively new ad format that incorporates video ads into search results on Amazon. Video ads were introduced in early 2020—and this relative newness makes it a great way to stand out from the competition. Our photography team has great experience in creating compelling video ads that will give your business the opportunity to maximize your audience, name recognition and, most importantly, sales.


Apart from using Amazon’s in house advertising and promotion solutions, we also leverage other channels such as Facebook Ads and Facebook Messenger. Messenger is a new form of online marketing, which offers new opportunities for how brands can connect and engage with their customers. Messenger offers the potential for much better engagement and boasts 80% open rates and 20% CTR on average (compared to 20% and 2% respectively for email, as the closest alternative). By leveraging this strategy, you will be building a list of customers on Messenger, which you can later use to send out future promotions, review requests and more.


Once your product is launched and you are making sales, you will realize that there are a lot of necessary, back-end processes to run your store. No worries, because we have you covered there as well! Let us help you with the day-to-day tasks, so you can focus on re-investing and growing your business.

Customer service

Inventory management

Account health


Account creation

Coaching calls

We can create Standard Operating Procedures tailored to your business needs and help your brand to make a name for excellent customer service. Even when you are using Amazon FBA, they are taking a lot of the load of customer service, however there are things you can do to better serve your customers and reach out to them. If you need help creating your Amazon seller account, we can also help with that and guide you through the process. We have the experience to help you navigate the nuances of the marketplace.

Are you ready to build your brand on Amazon?

We’ll take care of your business like it’s ours.

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