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Market Research

We truly believe that the right products can make or break your business. With increasing competition, product research is becoming harder and more essential than ever. This is why we have focused most of our time in learning and applying the most effective methods to find winning products for Amazon. If you are still stuck in analysis/paralysis about which products to sell, we can help by providing reports that allow you to make the right decisions.

Amazon Product Listing Creation / Optimization

We create SEO optimised and reader-friendly listings, promoting all the USP's and benefits of your product with a simple and clear style, following the Amazon TOS and style guides of each category. With our copywriting, customers will easily identify the true value of your product and make an emotional and logical buying decision. From image suggestions to written content (title, bullet points and product description), we transform your Amazon product listings to increase brand awareness, unique page visits, and ultimately higher conversion rates.

Sponsored Ads Management

Now that we’ve optimized your listing’s copy, we will utilize Amazon’s advertising tools to get you ahead of the competition. We’re well versed in Amazon Sponsored Ads, Headline Search Ads and Product Display Ads and we’ll use each of them to tailor a custom strategy that meets your brand’s needs. With our reporting you will know exactly how much of your sales, revenue and profit is attributed to PPC campaigns.

Product Launch

When your product finally reaches Amazon, it will probably come up against competition that is already ranking in the first page with tens or hundreds of reviews. Bringing targeted traffic to your product is a key element for success. We can help you implement a variety of strategies such as Facebook Marketing, Social Media Content, Sales Funnels, Amazon Promotions, Customer Follow-up Emails and Split-Testing, in order to get attention to your product and get those initial reviews and sales that are so important to jumpstart your listing.

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At AmzThrive we support the Amazon ecosystem and the sellers within it by offering high-quality, customized services to our clients. Whether you are a new seller starting from scratch or an established one we can help bring your business to the next level.

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